Research Projects

PPP in Transportation Infrastructure Projects in Israel: Review and Analysis

Conference on Transportation: Evaluation of new perspectives on PPP and opportunities for Israel – Tel Aviv University April 2018. Download Presentation here

Public Private Financing of Transport infrastructure in Israel

Conference on Transportation and evolutions of the Investments policy in Israel – Tel Aviv University April 2017. Download Presentation here

Southern   Gateway Eilat Canal Port

Research in response to the information request of Israel, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

Financing   Transport Infrastructures in Latin America

Paper for the Lombardy Region for the IV Conference Italy   - America Latina.

Promoting Private Sector Participation in Low-Income Housing Finance

Paper for the Inter   American Development Bank on problems and solution for public estate   management in Latin America.

World Bank Close end Fund per Paesi dell’Est Africa

In collaboration with Economisti   Associati for the World Bank feasibility   study for the creation of an investment fund specialised in projects in   Africa.

Privatization   of the public transport company of the city of Arad

In collaboration with Economisti   Associati, financed by European Bank   for Reconstrucion and Development, analysis of the possibilities for the   privatization of the public transport service of the city of Arand in   Romania.

West Russia regional venture fund e Black earth regional venture fund

In collaboration with Economisti   Associati elaboration for the EBRD   of a preliminary study for a Venture Capiltal fund for the transitional   countries and Russia. Identification of the best possible opportunities.

CAL   Brebemi

Reply   to the Questions raised by the European Comission on some aspects of the concession CAL-Brebemi.   In particular issues related to the subentro price, contingent liabilities e and   return of the concession.

Alternative models   to the BOT scheme

With   J. Trujillo, R. Sheehy, X. Freitas research on the development of alternative   models to the BOT schemes for infrastructure financieng for the Interamerican   Developmnet Bank Conference