Lead by Remy Cohen, Cohen&Co. provides investment banking style financial advisory for governments and companies.

With a team of professionals and privileged partnerships with national and international experts, Cohen&Co. offers full-service consultancy in relation to all financial issues, as well as for commercial strategies and internationalization opportunities.

Cohen&Co. is among the most important Italian operators in project finance for infrastructures, with preferential access to banks, private investors and private equity and infrastructure funds as well as national and international operators.

Cohen&Co. provides tailor-made solutions, with stable support partnerships with experts on both fiscal and legal aspects.

Always guided by strong business ethics Cohen&Co. assists and supports clients in the implementation of every phase of operations of their business endeavor.

Remy Cohen takes personal care of clients, he combines technical and organizational skills with the natural ability to deal with people. Furthermore a vast and international exsposure allows the team to visualize opportunities and possibilities beyond the current Italian horizon.