In the last few years Cohen&Co has intensified its activities related to the financial advisory services in support of operative and strategic decisions.

Cohen&Co. provides analysis of capital budgeting and capital management, portfolio analysis, mergers and acquisitions that could increase the value of the company. Cohen&Co. elaborates the valuation model and supports the company during the negotiations for sales and acquisitions.

Cohen&Co. supports companies in debt distress and helps to restructure their debt in order to recover capacity to continue its activities. Cohen&Co. provides assistance to Private Equity Funds in their expansion in the Italian market. In particular the Company has supported American, Australian and Israeli funds during fund raising and identification of potential opportunities in the Country.

Cohen&Co. supports small and medium size companies in all phases of their development, in particular it helps elaborating business plans with the purpose to find both capital and debt financing, for the start-up phase as well as for the expansion of the company’s activities. Cohen&Co. elaborates the financial plan, supports all aspects of the development of the contracts, and is able to provide assistance for the request of export financing through SACE and SIMEST or other international financial providers.

Cohen&Co. has already successfully implemented this formula in various fields such as tile plant, refueling stations, tourism and transport systems.

Cohen&Co also provides assistance to companies on IPO processes and bond issues on national and international markets. The Company provides up to date information on market evolution and relevant legislation, since it dialogues with Italian monetary and regulatory authorities as well as rating agencies. Cohen&Co has promoted assets securitization in Italy, as a way to improve the capitalization ratio for banks and by promoting off-balance sheet operations for issuers. Currently Cohen&Co is developing securitizations schemes for infrastructure project