Cohen&Co. provides investment banking style services supporting the client's needs.



Cohen&Co. provides advisory service using innovative modelling and financial techniques: Financial and economic models are also elaborated for project asset valuation and privatization in different sectors. In particular within the public private partnership approach Cohen&Co. has a long tradition of supporting public administration for tender design to involve private capital in projects in transport, health and utilities sectors.


Cohen&Co. offers a complete set of services for corporate finance, supporting both medium and small size companies. The Company has accumulated a noticeable experience in company valuation both nationally and internationally, supported by a trustworthy network in the US, UK and Israel developed in years of collaboration with numerous actors in these markets. Within Corporate Finance products, infrastructure asset valuation is a complement to infrastructure project financing and serve the private investors and/or infrastructure fund to implement their investment policy


Thanks to the strong academic experience and linkages with universities, particularly Bocconi in Milan, Cohen&Co provides independent research and analysis on various issues related to Project Finance, Public Private Partnerships and financing for infrastructures. Research has been developed independently or in collaboration with other specialist research centers that have stable liaison with Cohen&Co.